FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

There were many comments on the Android screenshots I posted, so I would like to move the discussion into the forum.

I am currently working on an Android port of \o/, which at the moment is in an early stage, the open source project is on github at Developers, testers, translators are welcome to join :)


I welcome any feedback and ideas while the development is progressing, especially:

  • who could/would be interested in using an Android based version (which has the basic functionality, but would not have any plugin support in the beginning).
  • info on concrete use cases (field of usage, location, availability of Android devices)
  • which features are mostly demanded
    • how important is scheduled execution of actions (reply, forward, etc.)
    • how important is it to be able to execute multiple actions for one keyword - or do you mainly just execute one action per keyword

I myself am based in China, getting Android devices is not much of a problem here. I have no experience on Africa myself (yet, unfortunately).


As mentioned, the project is still under development, and open issues / ToDo's are listed here.


Any comments can be posted into this thread.


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Hi Tim,

I think Telerivet ( would do what you want -- it's a web-based service that can use an Android device as a SMS hub, without needing a PC. (Disclosure: I'm the lead developer.) Several of our customers use Telerivet as an alternative to FrontlineSMS.

Hope this helps!


Hi Mathias,

Good work with the \o/ Android app. I installed it today on my HTC Android phone here in Canada. I'll be trying out the different features soon.  I was wondering if the FrontlineSMS staff are providing any software development assistance or are you the only one doing all the development for this app?

Hi Peter

Mathias did all the dev on this one - we are releasing SMS Sync support early this year, if that helps?

Best wishes


Thanks Mathias, Laura and Jesse,

I appreciate all of your feedback! Sorry for the tardy response...

Our projects are not in a position to adopt any of these smartphone-based options at the present, but may be useful as the projects become more community-directed. I will keep these options in mind when meeting with stakeholders over the coming months. Thanks again!

Hello  Tim, I am begining to use telerivet. I have registered abd would download the full pro version. I have reported my need to use Android to the Frontlne folks. I am sure they are working on that. However, I have a few questions:  Can I use Telerivet to send a Menu-type message to farmer? This would be a menu with possibility for farmers to enter 3 different types of information: farm size - numeric or code; Previous forest type - String or code and current cropping type - string or code. Please let me know.


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