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We're (VSO PNG) currently using FrontlineSMS for our SMS Story project where we send roughly 700 texts per day via an Android phone connected with FrontlineSync. This has gone well until recently where the system started to show issues. One is that the dekstop version is really sluggish, standard CPU operation is at 30% (taskmanager data, FrontlineSMS demands 29.5% of it). It seems that the system especially is struggling when the 'Inbox' tab is opened. This can result in disconnects between phone and desktop, I suspect because the CPU is overloaded. The database currently holds >15000 texts and is >120 mb. To my knowledge Frontline has no easy way to deal with this number of texts easily.

Nonetheless at the moment we're not able to send our lesson plans due to connection issues, and it seems that the program is struggling with something, anybody an idea how I could solve this?

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It now appears that the program is sending texts as long as we're not operating from the 'inbox' tab. Whenever the program tries to access the SMS database (Inbox tab) it just seems to suffocate itself. Is there a way to clean up the database in any way. I'm quite certain the issue lies there.

Hi Christian,

Which version of the Desktop app are you using?  We did implement some optimisations to the Inbox section earlier this year however those are only currently available on our Cloud version.

Have you tried running your programme on our cloud-hosted version at  I think you will find that the performance will be much better, and connecting the Android phone to your workspace is much easier. 


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