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I was sending forms to phones yesterday, and everything was going smoothly until FrontlineSMS stopped receiving messages. At first I thought it was just being slow, since many messages were being sent at once, but the messages never got to FrontlineSMS. (I was selecting "Get New Forms" on the phone). I took out the SIM card from the modem and put it into a phone, and I was able to receive the messages that way. I'm not sure what the problem is since FrontlineSMS was receiving messages/forms properly up until now. I tried deleting received messages from the database, thinking that there was a limit as to how many messages can be received, but that didn't solve the problem either. The modem is set up in the Phones tab to receive messages. 


Any idea how I can solve this problem? I'm running FrontlineSMS 1.6.15 (part of a PatientView build) on Ubuntu 11.04 and using a mySQL database. I'm using a Huawei E160 modem. 



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Hi Eddie


Our technical support guys will need to take a look at this early next week. The more obvious question here is what might have changed on the computer? Have you installed any software, or changed any settings, which were different from the last time you successfully used FrontlineSMS? Are you running any software which came with the modem you're using which may be intercepting the incoming messages?


Also, do all phones you're using fail to get new forms, or is it just the one? And can FrontlineSMS receive a regular text message from a regular phone?


Let us know if you have any success over the weekend, else we'll take a look when the team are back after the weekend.



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