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 Need help fast!

 We have been using frontlinesms v1.6 for almost a year now, installed in an eeepc with easypeasy OS without problems until...


Last week, after new groups and contacts and scheduled reminders for patients were entered and input in frontlinesms, the program would not start up again, and would show "Fatal error starting Frontlinesms!"


I looked at the frontlinesms folder that contained the logs dbase files, and noted a new .db file.


I have attached the .trace.db file.  Log file is too large for upload!

Will appreciate any help you can extend!


Thank you!




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Hi Homer,


Sorry to hear you have experienced this problem. We have passed this issue on to our developers and will try to get back to you as soon as possible. However, just to let you know our lead developer is away on leave this week. Hopefully we can solve this without his support but just wanted to give a warning that there may be a short delay in getting back to you. Apologies in advance if this is the case. Will certainly keep you posted, and hope to help you get to the bottom of this issue soon!


All the Best,


Hi Homer,

Please provide us with more information regarding this error other than the .trace.db file. It will be more useful in figuring out what could be causing it.  


Thank you all for the prompt reply!

The events surrounding this problem were as follows..

Our research assistant was creating groups, adding new contacts into the groups. After saving the last contact, the computer (the eeepc) "hang up", the screen froze up. She tried restarting the computer, but on attempts to open the frontlinesms program, this message came out. 

I tried removing the Frontlinesms folder from the same directory as the program(believeing that the problem is a corrupted database), and the program started without problem, but of course it contained no data (fresh start!).

Were now starting from scratch, luckily the last batch of contacts with messages were already done, so we're now entering new contacts and messages. 

Question is..Is it still possible to retrieve the data from the database file? If yes, how? My last export of messages to csv was Sept 9. Lots of data lost! (my fault..) 

Thanks again!



What database were you using as your data source for the fronlinesms application? mysql, h2, hsql? Your database seems to have been corrupted when your computer crushed. Do you have a backup of the database other than the csv files? My advise would be to start afresh using your resent backup.    


Hi Homer,


When you get the fatal startup error, is there a button saying "Details >>"?  If so, can you click on it and tell us what the details are?





Hi alex,

 When I tried to open the .trace.db file i attached to my previous post with a text editor, the text is the same as the details in the error message. 

It mentioned errors re: the database.

Thanks a lot! I hope i can still get the data inside...



Hi Homer,


I can't tell exactly what the problem is from the errors in the file, but I suspect it's an issue with corrupt data.  If you can email your database to us directly at then we can take a look and see if we can recover your data.



Hi alex,

I have emailed the database file to the flsms support. 

Thank you very much for your help!



Hi Homer,


We'll take a look at this in the next couple of days and see if we can get your data back for you!



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