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I downloaded FrontlineSMS version 1.6.14 a few days ago and got it working. Today, when I tried to open the program I got an error message which says "This application had been compiled with an evaluation version of Excelsior JET and has now expired" and suggests purchasing the full version of the program.

I have no evidence of Excelsior JET being on my computer, and I assume that this is not an issue of my computer lacking JAVA compiling capabilities, but that there is a problem with version 1.6.14.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - should I try to install a different version or is there a way to fix this problem?


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Same thing happening to me. I have a training with 8 Radio stations in 2 hours and there is no way I can do it without the program running.
I tried to change computer and re-install it. Is telling me that the trial is expired.
Please need an answer soon!

Hi everyone,

We've had reports of this from several users this morning and we're working on it now. Keep an eye on the forum for updates - thanks for your patience.

Hi Josephine and Anahi,

I'm really sorry about the problems you're having. This is due to a mistake we made packaging FrontlineSMS 1.6.14 for Windows. We're working on a fix now; please follow this thred for updates:

Hi all

Just to say that we've fixed this problem in a new version of FrontlineSMS which is now available from the Download form on the website.

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience,

Same thing happened to me this morning (actually yesterday evening!)


Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear this - please download version from

I did it works, thnx!

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