FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

FLSMS is a very flexible tool, however I am sure that developers continue to hit limitations in the functionality of the application. Is there a Wish List that we could contribute to?

Personally, I would really like to be able to:

- configure a http trigger when a completed form is received. This will allow the data to be sent to a central collation and analysis database

- radio button or list box control for forms

Any thoughts??



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Hi Chris


Thanks for your message - nice to hear from you.


We've been collecting user suggestions over the past few months for a major new release of the FrontlineSMS software later this year. Part of that does deal with data collection, although not specifically Frontline Forms. On that note, people have asked for various actions to be possible when Forms arrive, and for radio buttons to be an option, so we do have those on the list and will work on them, depending on our schedule.


If you have any other thoughts or wishes, feel free to share them on the Forum here and we'll pick them up.


Thanks for your interest!





Hi Ken,


Thanks for a brilliant system. Do you have a (rough) date for the next release? It sounds like it will resolve several blockers i have at the moment with our development. Do you also have a "wish list" that could be shared so that I can get a sense of what is coming?


Many thanks

Hi Chris,


We're aiming to get a beta release next week; we'll announce it on the forum when it's available to test drive.







Do you have any update on the "beta release"? I am keen to understand whether forms will be able to do what we need (listboxes and radio buttons) or we need to look for alternative solutions. Is there a "wish list", "development plan" or other information that might give me a clue?


Many thanks


Hi Chris,


The beta version of FrontlineSMS Version 1.7 is now available on our developers site here:


Just so you know we're not releasing any new version/Beta of FrontlineForms. The 1.7 Beta is for the main FrontlineSMS computer-based application.


I hope this helps, but if you need any further information please feel free to ask.


Thanks and All the Best,


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