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Please can someone help me out with installing the client application on my phone? I am new to frontlineSMS and would like it to be the tool for data gathering accross 34 local government areas in Nigeria. Also, I have a black berry phone and am wondering if the client application will install on my phone. I have succeeded in downloading the zippped version of the client application to my phone but dont know how to go about extracting and installing it.


Please help.

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Hi Dino,

It sounds like youre working on a really interesting project! Unfortunately, blackberry is one of the phones that do not work with the FrontlineSMS application. To see the list of phones that do support our software, you can check here.

It sounds also like you might be using FrontlineForms? If you are, we have a help section on forms in our frequently asked questions which you can find here.

If you have any trouble sourcing the required devices on our requirements list or need further help in setting it up once you have gotten a compatible phone, please let us know!



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