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Hi all

I've been through a few troubleshooting pages and downloaded a PDF but I can't find any information which will solve my problem.

I am using a PC with an unlocked Huawei e173 dongle and a giff gaff sim card. When I run Frontline I click on the 'Phones' tab I can see 6 Coms in the 'Port' column.

COM5 and COM6 find the Huawei e173 but state 'GSM network registration failed'.

Can anybody shed some light on this please? Perhaps the modem is not unlocked? Maybe it's a problem with Giff Gaff or the sim itself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hi Mark,

Have you tried putting the SIM in a regular phone to see if it works? We need to rule out the possibility that the SIM could be faulty or locked. If the SIM is locked, you would need to put it in a regular phone and unlock it. You can also try another SIM (not Giff Gaff) to see if this makes a difference.

Also, take a look at previous forum discussions from users who experienced similar issues on unlocking, GSM Network Registration Failed and Windows 7 and using Huawei. Finally, take a look at our troubleshooting page.

Please let me know if any of these help.


hi kavita

thanks for getting back to me and sorry for my delayed reply.

i've finally bought an unlocked mobile phone, put my giff gaff sim card in and sent another mobile a text message which it received so i don't think it's the sim card which is the problem. it would also seem that by doing this there is no PIN lock on the sim card?

I have contacted the company/person who i got the Huawei e173 modem from to ask if it was definitely unlocked. They said yes and to do the following (which i have);

Start the O2 Connection Manager

Click on the Settings icon > Internet connections > New GPRS/3G profile...enter

Profile name:giffgaff
Password: password

APN address:

Network configuration:Make sure "Don't use proxy server" and "Server addresses assigned by the network" are both selected (a dot in the box confirm this).

Click on OK and OK again and your settings will be complete. It should now connect to giffgaff's network automatically after the dongle is inserted in usb,setting will be saved on your pc,if you want to use another pc you will need to do this again

i've done that and also looked at the other threads for help. A lot of the information in the other threads went over my head but I also tried bits and pieces though nothing has resolved my problem.

Some other bits of information I should put out;

I get the error message' Failed To Connect' when running O2's connection manager software (it automatically starts up when you insert the modem). But when i close the software and run 'Auto Detect Phones' in FrontLine again, the error message changes to 'GSM network registration failed'.

I should also point out my PC is connected to the internet by a cable. I wasn't sure if this was the problem so I uninstalled O2's connection manager software as it connects to the internet by this method by default and not via my sim card, and now i'm back to the error message 'Failed to connect'.

also, my sim card has no internet time purchased. just text messaging. is this possibly part of the problem?

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

A further update, I installed O2's connection manager again and tried to send a text message from that software but even that failed. I got the following error message "Your message hasn't been sent. Check the phone number and try again"

The number is correct and I tried using both variations; 07... and +447....

Hi Mark,

You dont need internet to run the FrontineSMS software, so no need to purchase internet time. You also dont need any other program running simultaneously for the software to work, in fact having other software running (particular the modem software) may give you more problems.

I would try the following: uninstall and reinstall the FrontlineSMS software. Once you have installed the FrontlineSMS software, [and before opening the software], plug in your modem. When you plug in your modem, you might get a pop up box regarding auto run software. Close this box and then run the FrontlineSMS software. Let me know if this helps. Here are some additional guidelines for troubleshooting your modem.

If you do get any error messages, when you follow these steps above, please let me know the exact error message you get . I may need you to send over your logs if we don't get positive results.


Thanks again Kavita but I still cannot get it to work following your instructions and the additional guidelines. I have therefore submitted my log files to the support team, hopefully they can figure out what is going wrong?



Hi Mark, 

Thanks for staying in touch, and sorry this continues to be an issue for you. We will ask our developers to take a look at your logs and see if they can offer any further advice here.



Hi Mark,

Is your modem open to all networks? It may be blocked to other providers except for the one from whom you bought it.

Please confirm.


hi roy

I have contacted the person who i got the Huawei e173 modem off on eBay to ask if it was definitely unlocked and they said it is. is there any way to test it?

the modem is branded O2 and i tried to send a text using O2's connection manager software and my giff gaff sim but even that didn't work "Your message hasn't been sent. Check the phone number and try again"

The number is correct and I tried using both variations; 07... and +447....

Thanks Flo

I finally have Frontline working!

After some Googling, I found the following web site and downloaded the Huawei e173 drivers;

It installs some O2 software but for South America (it's still in English though). It's very similar to the software installed when I plugged in my USB modem in the first instance. Anyway, it's working and that's the main point

Just thought I'd let you know in case anybody else gets the same problem so they can try the above link.


Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for letting the community here know; that's fantastic news that you now have FrontlineSMS working! \o/

Please do stay in touch about how you make use of the software, and feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

Thanks and Best Wishes


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