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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at alternative methods to buying single SMS dongles.


I've come across GSM/SMS pools which I'm really interested in purchasing, however I have a few questions.


Does anyone have any experience with these and are they compatible with FrontlineSMS?


Now I understand FrontlineSMS sends text messages out using a random connected modem device.


How would one of these appear in FrontlineSMS? as one device or as 8 - 16 etc seperate devices?


What I'm wanting to do is spread the load of my different text messages across 8 - 16 different modems and not use 8 - 16 modems to send the same message 8 - 16 times to one recipient.


I hope someone understands what I'm asking.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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The error has appeared again, I've sent my logs.



Hi Johnathon,


You're getting "CMS ERROR 512", which indicates there is a problem with the device.  Likely:

* low signal strength

* bad recipient address

* the device may need resetting


Any of these seem likely/fix the problem?



Hmm, I can't see why any of those problems would occur.


The device has constant power, isn't moved and has an external antenna.



I'm still experiencing these problems unfortunately. I haven't been able to figure out the source of the problem.

I've sent my logs over, is there any way you could take a closer look for me Alex?


Hi Jonathon,

Sorry to hear you're still having problems with this. Hopefully Alex should be able to help after taking a look at your logs; we will be sure to keep you posted, and get back to you to let you know if we can help asap.



Hi Johnathon,

Really sorry to report this, but I can't find any entries relating to outgoing messages in your logs.  Is it possible that your FrontlineSMS kept running for a long time after the send failures took place?


Oh dear.

Yes that's exactly what would have happened.

I run FrontlineSMS on my server 24/7 and unfortunately this issue happens at random intervals so it is difficult to know exactly when something is wrong til I check the server manually, which in this case was too late.

I really hope you can help me fix this issue as I use FrontlineSMS to offer a free service to thousands of people per month.

Thanks for the reply,


Hi Johnathon

We're going to have to try and get the logs right after the error has occurred - would you be able to step up your checks on the server for a little while and try and spot it closer to the error cropping up?

Great to hear about your use of FrontlineSMS though!

Merry Christmas,


Hi Laura,

I can only but try, it's going to be difficult but as soon as I'm able to do this I'll be sure to send the logs your way.

Merry Christmas to you too!



Just resent some new logs, caught the error early this time I believe.

Please keep me posted on progress.



Sent another 2x logs with messages stuck on "Pending".



Hi Jonathon,

Thanks very much for sending in the relevant section of your logs. We should have all we need now to identify this problem, and I have asked our lead developer Alex to take a look, so we will get back to you on this asap.



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