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Hey FLSMS community!

I am in Haiti trying to help some folks build an SMS-based anti-trafficking network. We are using a Falcom Samba GSM modem which has never steered me wrong, and two diff SIM cards (Digicel & Voila) and I keep getting an error message that says "SIM card invalid: GSM network registration failed)."

I noticed others had this issue but w diff modems. anyone have any ideas as to how i can fix this? We dont have any usb data cables and they are obviously hard to come by at the moment. Let me know if anyone has encountered a similar prob/know how to fix this, thanks!!

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Hi everyone,

please, what is a conclusion based on your experience (I might be going to Haiti next week and FSMS installation will be most likely part of it)?

Is it possible to get FLSMS compatible modem in Haiti these days? Back in Feb it wasn't easy.
Is the best bet the ZTE from Digicel? Or would you recommend to bring something from US (which type? normally I would use huawei, but not enough time to order it and have it shipped online now).

Thanks a lot for any suggestion

Hi Jaro, we eventually had success using the ZTE modem that Digicel supplies. We were committed to using the Digicel network; if you were open to using Voila, your options might increase. If you do go with Digicel, definitely talk to Rodrigue Osirus at Digicel HQ in Port-au-Prince, +509 3700 7443 . He was extremely helpful and I'm not sure we would have gotten it to work without him!

Thanks so much David, will check with the team and will decide.



We are currently in Jacmel Haiti trying to configure an instance of FrontlineSMS to help monitor a food distribution program for a NGO here. Our tests with multitech GPRS modem worked great state side. However down here it's refusing to see the digicel modem. Same error that the network is not recognized. The organization has a contract with Digicel. My team is only here for a few days, to setup, do training and then observe several food distributions in person.  Is the Digicel Software you mentioned available for download. We had no problem connecting to our ATT card in roming mode on the modem down here in Haiti. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Trishan


Is there a PIN code set on the modem or the SIM card? If either needs a PIN to be entered then FrontlineSMS won't be able to connect to it. You can check the SIM by putting it into a phone and seeing if it asks for one (if so, using the phone simply turn it off - the PIN code will be in the pack the SIM came in). If there's a PIN on the modem then you'll need to ask Digicel, or disable it via the software which should have come with the modem (if it was bought there).


Let us know if any of that helps as a starting point.



Hi there Trishan! Just so I understand correctly, are you trying to use your multitech gprs modem with a digicel SIM? I agree with Ken - you may have to disable the PIN. In our case our modems from home could easily read a Voila SIM but no other. We had to go w Digicel since it has the greatest # of subscribers and are the cheapest (and we got a better contract with them!). To fix the situation, we had to buy a Digicel-supplied ZTE modem. I instructed a few guys earlier to contact Rodrigue Osirus at the Digicel HQ in PaP, he was awesome and got us everything we needed. Note, that if you go this route, the automated Digicel desktop computer will make FLSMS angry...never let that open or run in the background while FLSMS is. I believe Rodrigue's contact can be found in the thread above if you need it. I really hope that helps!



Hi Ken and Aashika,

Thanks for your replies. I checked the sim in a regular phone and it worked without any pin to send and receive. I should try it with a Voila sim card.Need to get my hands on one of them.



You are correct, we have a digicel SIM and a multitech gprs modem. The modem worked well state side. I did send an email to Rodrigue, he suggested contacting TELEMATICA, S.A., apparently they do installation and setup, he didn't specify of what. The website was in french, I need to get one of our French speaking team members to translate and explore that option. It didn't seem like a cost effective way to go though.  It's a shame that the mentioned digicel software isn't available to download, so we could try it out at least. 



Hi Trishan,


If I recall correctly (and I may not), the Digicel software may come on the Digicel-provided modem itself. Do you see a removable drive show up when you plug it in?


What worked for us was this:

  1. Install Digicel software
  2. Reboot Windows
  3. Run Digicel software
  4. Quit Digicel software
  5. Run FrontlineSMS

Repeat steps 2-5 as necessary.


Very best,




Sorry for the late reply, we got caught up with the project out in the mountains for testing and before we knew it we were back in the States. We did find a resolution to this by talking to Digicel and getting a Huwaei Modem from them. We have to run the digicel program first, and quit it for FrontlineSMS to see the modem. Do you know if there is a Huwaei modem driver that can be downloaded and installed? We uninstalled the Digicel application, and it removed the modem drivers!!!

The problems we ran into with "Failed to register" seemed to be specific to Digicel. We didn't have any trouble using Volia SIM cards. We carried out our initial field tests running a Vola card in our Multitech modem, with messages coming from Digicel phones, which worked well, however will be expensive in the long run.


Thanks everyone for your assistance.



Hi Trishan,


Glad to hear you managed to resolve this issue whilst in Haiti.


You should be able to download Huawei modem drivers directly from the Huawei website, searching out relevant model.


Interesting to hear that the problem you experienced seemed specific to Digicel. I will feed this back to the FrontlineSMS team, and if they have any further suggestions / input let you know.


All the Best,


Hi everyone

I am leaving for Haiti in about a week, and looking to setup FrontlineSMS for a clinic in a rural village near Jacmel.  I was wondering if anyone has had any success with Clickatell in this area?  I am open to using a digicell GSM modem (I would try to get one from PAP on my way in) but it sounds like the wifi is pretty reliable.  Is there another provider I should consider?  

Any help or suggestions would be awesome.



Hello Andrea, 

Looks like Clickatell works with Digicel from their coverage table.  You can use Clickatell with our web based app FrontlineCloud.  Also if you consider using desktop, we do support Android gateways like FrontlineSync that lets you use a local number.



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