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Hey FLSMS community!

I am in Haiti trying to help some folks build an SMS-based anti-trafficking network. We are using a Falcom Samba GSM modem which has never steered me wrong, and two diff SIM cards (Digicel & Voila) and I keep getting an error message that says "SIM card invalid: GSM network registration failed)."

I noticed others had this issue but w diff modems. anyone have any ideas as to how i can fix this? We dont have any usb data cables and they are obviously hard to come by at the moment. Let me know if anyone has encountered a similar prob/know how to fix this, thanks!!

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Hi there,

First thing to check is do the SIMs definitely work in your location? Put them in a regular handset and check that you can send SMS.

If that all works fine, then please send us your FrontlineSMS log files showing the registration failing.


yup we made sure that it works our handsets! here is the log files!

Thanks a million!

Also is there a PIN number set on the SIMs?
yup and ive tried with it both activated and deactivated
It definitely needs to be deactivated. Can you send me logs demonstrating the problem when the PIN number was NOT required on the SIM?


these should be it! thanks again!
Hi, unfortunately there is not enough detail in the logs for me to diagnose the problem. Is there any chance you could modify your logging settings and run FrontlineSMS again? This should generate more detailed logs. Obviously you'll need to resubmit the new logs here!

The change you'll need to make is in:

Change the line:

If there is no line which looks like this, just add the second line.

Many thanks,

guess what!? i got it work! it took a reinstall of FLSMS. i guess we'll never really know what was wrong with it...but here we go!! thanks so much for all of your prompt help and support!
Great news! Thanks for letting us know. =)
Yeah, that IS great news! Slightly frustrating as well though, but at least it works!
Hi from PaP. Please, need advice. I urgently need to set-up FLSMS for Internews who are producing program for local radio stations. None of the phones we have here work with FLSMS (mostly Blackberry). I was promised some phones from one shop, but it takes too long and I need something now. I already have Voila and Digicel SIMs, just need some GSM modem/hand set that I can get/buy somewhere around immediately.
Any idea?
thanks a lot

Hi Jaroslav

As you've determined, you're going to be best to try and get hold of a GSM modem - there will almost certainly be suppliers there somewhere. I'm not sure if anyone who was originally in Haiti is still around - I'll ask Josh and hopefully he'll have ideas.


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