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I’m having trouble running FLSMS on my Aspire One Acer Netbook running Ubuntu 10.10. I think the issue might be the computer, and when I first downloaded and tried to install FLSMS it said the computer didn’t have
Java. I had a developer install Java and attempt to run the program, but it
still just opens to a file with a list of commands and how to install instead
of installing the program. I just wanted to check to see if this might be an
issue with the FLSMS software and not my computer. Once, I was able to run
FLSMS, but it only showed a rectangle in the upper right hand corner and the
rest of the screen was gray. Now if I try to open it it goes back to opening
the file of commands. I am using 
Linux i686. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Rachel,

you should get a developer make your file executable.
If you can't ask someone, here's how you should do it:

- Open a terminal (command-line window).
- Navigate to the location of the FrontlineSMS directory by using the 'cd' command (ex: cd "/home/users/Rachel/Documents/FrontlineSMS").
- Run the command: chmod a+x
- Run the command ./

Starting from now, you should be able to launch the file from a regular window.

Shout if it's not working ;)
Thanks Morgan - I got a developer to do that for me and its now up and running, though I still have to open it in a strange way (going to the file manager, then clicking and choosing to run it). Either way, it's sending messages! Thanks so much for the help.

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