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Hello Guys,

I am new here. I downloaded version 1.6.16 for the mac. I was trying to use it with a Nokia 6300 (i am aware this model is not fully supported - but I think it can be used for sending and not receiving).

I am not very tech savvy, so if someone needs more information, please tell me what will be the best way to get the information. I am using a mac running snow leapord.


Ankush Kapoor

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Hi Ankush

The first question is, are there Mac drivers available for that phone? You should have got a CD with the cable, and on that CD will be Handset Manager software from Nokia. As far as I know, they don't provide Mac drivers for those phones, only Windows drivers. If you can get the phone working with Handset Manager first, and then try FrontlineSMS (make sure you shut down the Nokia programs completely before doing this - see "Troubleshooting" for more) that will be the best starting point.

If Mac drivers are not available then I suggest you try and get a GSM modem (see the "Requirements" page on the main website for a list), and make sure it has Mac drivers before you buy it. Mac's are great for many things, but getting phones and modems to work on them can be something else.

Hope that helps.

Hello Ken,

Thanks for the quick reply. I will look for a gsm modem. I will try somethings and will post what worked best.

Will the modems be better than the phones?

Thank You

Ankush Kapoor
Yes, GSM modems are better and generally easier to set up, and are more reliable. Everything you should need is here:

Best of luck, and let us know how you get on.


At this point I want to start using frontlinesms. So I have decided to go for the web sms services, to test a few things. I am aware that Clickatell and Intellisms are supported. But these are a little expensive for my test. I had read in one of the posts that someone had used Countrysms when he was in India. I would like to know what steps do I need to go through to start using Countrysms with frontlinesms.

Thank You

Ankush Kapoor
Hi Ankush

Since we're not aware of who that was, I suggest you either search the Forums or post a new topic asking users in India what they did. The core platform only supports the two services you mentioned so the Indian user will need to share their code (or version) with you.

Let us know how you get on!


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