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Hi All,


I am trying to do implement FLSMS to send market reports to farmers and traders in the Inidan flower market.. Would you please guide me how to go about doing this.

Presently, I am just trying to setup FLSMS on my computer.

I have Eclipse downloaded, tried to install Maven(Do I really require Maven and other plug-ins like m2 eclipse etc?) but it dint really get integrated with eclipse. I tried to download the Frontlinesms super project from "" but the core and dist folders are empty.

It would be great if you helped me get started. Any suggestion from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!

I have also put this up in the Group specific to me (Agriculture). Since I need an early reply I posted it here also. I am sorry to repeat the same message twice.



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hi swati,


Do you want to use flsms or you want to develop similar project?

because inorder to send sms you jus need a exe package and not the developer

version.which part of india are you goin to implement your project.






I will use it for southern part of India for now, may be think about expanding later.

I want to use FLSMS, but want to work with the developer version since I want to modify the code according to my requirements.

Firstly, I need help getting started.




Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I could install all the plug-ins for eclipse successfully.

Now I am going to try to download the super project and start looking around the code.



Hi Swati,


Thanks for letting us know, and congratulations on getting started! And thanks to Madan, for helping out on this too.


Do keep in touch and let us know how it goes.


All the Best,


Thanks Florence,

I have installed GIT and Maven plug-ins, but am unable to set the project in Eclipse. Can some tell me the correct steps in doing so.
When I try to download the project from the GITHUB website , the folders(core, dist) are empty.

I tried to import it through Maven, I get the following error:

 Eclipse is running in a JRE, but a JDK is required, Some Maven plugins may not work when importing projects or updating source folders.
3/22/11 10:43:18 AM EDT: Updating index central|
3/22/11 2:39:08 PM EDT: Unable to update index for central|


Any suggestions??





Hi Swati,


If you post your question on the developer mailing list then you can get help with the more technical stuff :¬)


Also check out the developer portal where you'll find links to the wiki and other documentation.


See you there,



Thanks Alex,


I posted the question there a couple days back.




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