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I have just started using FrontlineSMS and I have bought the ZTE modem from the operator 3 in the UK, the model is MF112, since the MF627 is no longer available.

I am using FLSMS on Mac OS Snow Leopard and I have the drivers from 3 installed, yet the modem is not registered, and I have not been able to use it with FLSMS.

Does anyone have any advice or experience using this particular modem? or perhaps a suggestion for a different one I should get?

Thank you.

Emil Graesholm

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Hi Emil,

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee this device is going to work...
But it doesn't mean it won't. ^^

First of all, have you gone through the Troubleshooting section of the help page? Maybe you'll find an answer.

If you still can't get it recognized, I'd suggest you send us your logs (you can find the procedure at the end of the page). I'll try to take a look ASAP and see what might cause this.

Hi Emil,

all I can see in the logs is that the port is already in use indeed...
If you've made sure nothing is running in the background (including another instance of FrontlineSMS), then I don't know.. The message seems to be clear :/
Have you restarted your computer as well? You never know... ;)

Good luck!
Hi Emil

On my Mac, when I plug in my O2 dongle it automatically starts up a program which connects it to the O2 network. It could be that when you plug in your '3' device the same thing is happening. I guess the only way to stop that would be to uninstall the software which came with it (and hopefully the drivers will remain). Macs can be a little tricky (whereas Windows machines seem to work much more easily).

See if that helps at all.


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