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How do i extract the forms sent to phone and transfer to database

Hi team?

Please take me through the said by answering in the following sequence:-

1)....where do i see the data uploaded when running the FLSMS application on my computer?i once saw the data but cant remember where it was....could it be in the messages page?

2)Which is the fastest and most "non techy" friendly database system i could use?

3) Could you send me a sample piece of code of one that people are using to for example to extract specific keywords and update the changes made to the field like " No. of MEN" when using FLSMS to do a census.

4)Which language should i make an effort to familiarize myself with in order to develop a proper database system to handle the data i collect using my phone?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello David,


here's your answers ;)


1) You can see forms results when clicking on a finalised form (a form which has been sent). You'll see results as a table, and you can extract them to a CSV file.


2) I'd say the most simple database system is MySQL, although you'd have to make it run on your local machine (see the Wamp Server website for more info).


3-4) If you're trying to extract the forms result, then there is no easy way for the moment. The only solution I'm considering is extracting them to a CSV file, and then run a PHP script (your #4, for me the most simple language to learn to interact with FrontlineSMS) to save them to your database.


Hope that helps!



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