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Dear All, how long does it take for a message to get to the receipent. I have just sent messages for testing but they have not been received yet. I am using internet and not a sim card.


Please help me. I work with a Non profit organisation in Uganda jinja and am interested in using FLSMS to send messages to pregnant mothers.

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Hi Mary


What service are you using to send messages over the Internet?



I am using an internet modem from a provider called orange here in Uganda.
Hi Mary

Is the modem listed in the "Working devices" section on the "Phones" screen? You mentioned at the beginning that you were not using a SIM card, but you need one to be able to use these types of modem. Can you confirm what you have, what messages you are getting on the screen, and whether you have enough credit on the SIM card to send messages? Thanks.


Dear Ken,

The Orange internet modem has a USB cable and has credit on it, please guide me on how to use it. Alternatively let me go visit the different service providers and then I will get back to you. Thank you

Hi Mary


What messages are you seeing on the "Phones" screen?



Dear Ken,

I sent out messages to all my collagues for testing but non of them seems to have got the message. I followed the right directions because the messages actually say they were sent. Please help me on this while I also try looking for a new service provider.



I've been trying to find out from you what error messages you are getting on the "Phones" screen. I think it's going to be too difficult to help you using this online Forum - you are best to find someone where you work - maybe a computer company - who can help you in person.


Sorry we're not going to be able to get this working for you. FrontlineSMS is easy to use but you do need some basic understanding of how to get your modem working, and how to install software.



Ken, this afternoon I am going to visit all the internet service providers in Uganda. Then I will carry along the requirements of the type of USB cable you recommended. I will also try to do the downloads again. I will get back to you tomorrow with the results.


I must say am looking forward to use this and am not about to give up, I will keep updating you on this.


Kindly help me if you have heard from anyone else in Uganda who has used this so I can get to them for help.

Hi Mary


You can see all members in the Forum who are in Uganda, or work in Uganda, here:


If you click on their name you can click "Send a Message" (on the left of the screen) to privately message them, and ask if they are able to help you.


I'm not sure what kind of device you have - GSM modems don't have cables these days - and you don't need to download the software again. You will need someone there, in person, who can help you with all of this. Hope you manage to find someone.


Best of luck.



Hello Mary,

Messages should be received instantly esp. when you are using an internet modem. i have used it before and MTN usb internet modem works perfect especially the new usb stick modem model.

Best wishes,


Hi Robert, please give me your telephone number I would like to talk to you urgently now. I really need more information urgently. My phone number is 0752323045. I will be calling you on the office line please get back to me soon

Please reach me on 0774439985

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