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Hello !

I am trying to use Frontline SMS for Mobilizing Volunteers of My Organization for Health, Education and Environment Issues. When I connected with the Modem It works fine and It is Ok. But One thing I want to know How can I set the Name of Organization While sending Message to Volunteers rather than the Phone Number. To be simplified.

Frontline SMS sends Number of My SIM CARD to user/registered voluteers but I want to Send the "Organization Name" in the From Label

Please Help in this issue


Lokpriya Khanal

Abhiyan Nepal


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Hi Lokpriya

Just to say a bit more about this as I see you're sending SMS, not Forms - setting the sender name is a network setting which has to be done in cooperation with the network operator. Some aggregators offer this service, but using a modem you're just interacting with the network in the same way that phones do, so you don't have this option. I would advise you to ask volunteers to save your number in their phone.

Best wishes


Hi Laura

Thanks for the best answer. I will go for the operator to assign Name if possible.

Thank You

Lokpriya Khanal

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