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Hi all, thanks for allowing me into this exclusive club.

Recently, i downloaded frontlinesms 2_windows_2-2.0.2. It has been workin well in windows 7 machine but from yesterday whenever i load it it gives give an error message as shown below, 


Problem accessing /. Reason:  Service Unavailable.

i will really be glad if any body helps me on how to go about this. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Joseph, 

Was this your first installation of version2? Please go to C:\Users\{your_username} directory, compress and send us the .frontlinesms2 folder. This will help us investigate further into what might be causing the error you reported.



Hi Roy, Thanks alot for your reply, yesterday after following your instructions i found there were three installations even though i had uninstalled them earlier. I deleted them manually, rebooted the machine and the reinstalled afresh. I was impressed to see it working once again.  I really appreciate for the useful tips otherwise i woudnt have done it

Hi Roy,

I have exactly the same error message as Joseph.  Could you let me know what I should do to address this issues - maybe I could try the same as him (I suspect that I may also have multiple installations).  I had a look at my .frontlinesms2 folder and it's about 22MB (not great for emailing from where I am). 

Many thanks



You have two options:-

>Delete the database "prodDb.h2.db". 

>Upload the logs to this thread "stacktrace.log  standard.log"

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, thanks for this reply.
1. I'd rather not delete the database (I need to access contacts etc - rather than retype them all from physical backup
2. I'll upload the logs ASAP. Now on a mobile device, so can't do that for an hour or so.
3. I also noticed that I have a db file with Lock in the name.
Thanks again!

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