FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

It just won't cooperate...
Tried on 4 different macs.

I did notice something, after i run the setup that comes with the usb, the "not compatible"  list of ports disappear and not even removing the app with appzapper will bring that list back.

any suggestions?
I could just format one of the macs and run ubuntu, but i wouldn;t like that...
but if it comes to that and its easier, i will

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Solved by installing everything on ubuntu desktop
finally up and running
Well done for solving that, and best of luck with your project!

Tomorrow, we are officially launching with the support on the Red Cross and national television (and a couple of artists) any help promoting the project for our countrymen in the state of Veracruz is greatly appreciated, thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful tool.
Hey, you're welcome! Please do keep us posted on how you get on - we're always interested in innovative and interesting uses of the tool.

Great to have you in the community, and good luck tomorrow! \o/

Ken and the FrontlineSMS Team
Hi there

I'd LOVE to hear more about this, as an ex-Red Crosser myself. Is that with the Mexican RC?

Yup its with the mexican red cross.
Today at 12.00 pm at National TV there will be a live program with a few artists and news hosts promoting donation centers in the benefit of Veracruz. We are promoting the site (powered by ushahidi and frontlinesms) as a central point of coordination for citizens and aid organizations.

this is our first time running both softwares, so any advice you have for us will be invaluable.

My kindest regards
please contact - 559-199-7274

She is coordinating the efforts with redcross
i'm flying to mexico city tomorrow, so i wont be able to be live at the event, but she and the redcross people will, they can provide with all the juicy details, even realtime.
Great, thanks, I will!

Dear Laura,
Today i landed in Mexico City and met with gabriela (i live in monterrey),
She told me she did recieved you email but havent had a chance to reply, for she spent all day with the red cross collecting food for Veracruz. As you can imagine we have a very busy week, but she will reply ASAP, i will rendevouz with the team tomorrow at 8 am, if you have any questions i will happily put them on the table.

i had a wrong information today, sunday was used to collect food, not to launch the website, which i understood will be on thursday, yet we agreed that an official launch didn't make much sense as making it organic.

I'll make sure gaby (gabriela) replies as soon as we have a chance from all the red cross activities.

our kindest regards

.hj barraza


love all
be humble and pure
live well and do good

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