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Hi all, just checking in to report that Huawei E169 modem is working fine at first try on FrontlineSMS 1.6.12 version, both receiving and sending auto reply response.
time for a \o/

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Thanks, Linda! Looks like you're cracking this old modem issue! Good luck with the rest of your work there. \o/
I'm also using FSMS 1.6.12 and have been able to get a Huawei E160 to work on my Mac running OS X 10.6.3 in Kenya. I've heard that others have had some problems though, especially those using a PC with Windows. Anyone have any experiences with this?
OK, the plot thickens. I'm trying to set up FSMS on a Windows machine and the E 160 modem doesn't work. I then tried it on my Mac and it also doesn't work. So now, I've had one modem work and two not work, and they're the same models and same service provider (Safaricom). Any suggestions on what could be going on with the modems?
Hi Melissa

Do the modems work with the software which came with them? I'd try testing them with that before trying with FrontlineSMS, which should help isolate the problem.

Also, are you sure everything is the same with all three modems? If any require a PIN code to be entered, or if any of the SIM cards are PIN protected then that all needs to be removed before FrontlineSMS will be able to fully connect with them.


Hi Ken,

Thanks so much! I know the modems work with the software that comes with them so it's not that. But, I'm not sure about the PIN so I'll check on that, and will report back here with the findings :)

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