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I have installed frontline SMS, and have connected an open E303 modem with a simcard to it, but it does not recognize the modem. Can You please let me know how to solve it

When I manually add the modem, I do not know what port to use.

Can you also let me know what will be the advantage of using an SMS gateway like Clickatell with frontline SMS software ?

Thank you,


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Hi there

Have you tried running through the steps in our Troubleshooting Guide? Let us know how you get on.

Clickatell allows you to send messages faster than using a SIM card and a device like a phone or modem. You may be able to send them more cheaply, depending on the country.

Hope that's helpful,


HI eveybody!

I bought a Huawei E303 and, unfortunately, I  have also not been able to make Frontline recognize it. I have Windows XP and Frontline v2.

The modem runs properly as a 3G device and Windows recognizes it as a Broadband Net Device but not as a COMXX port such as older 3G modems. From my experience so far the only way Frontline recognizes a modem is when it appears as a COM port, which you may configurate.

I have tried some older Huawei modems and they run properly with Frontline provided that they are a COM port.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Alejandro

Apologies for the delay on this one! I've flagged to the support team and they'll be in touch ASAP next week.

Best wishes


Hi Alejandro,

Unfortunately your diagnosis is correct - the Huawei E303 is mounted as a virtual ethernet device and not a COM port, so our modem driver software cannot work with it. We had a user elsewhere on this forum who went quite far into investigating a workaround, which included using a Linux utility called usb-modeswitch that tries to mount the modem as a COM port. Unfortunately in the end he had to switch to the Huawei E173, which works in the more traditional COM port way.

I hope this helps. We still do support modems such as the E173, but we now generally recommend switching to using FrontlineSync, our Android gateway, as this is much easier to set up and a lot more stable.


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