FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi, I just downloaded FLSMS from Sourceforge and connected a Huawei E226 modem but FLSMS doesnt detect it.

I have the latest driver version from Huawei (MAC11.301.11.00.03 / Snow Leopard), I can connect to network to browse Internet, receive and send SMS with the Huawei Dashboard, etc. but the modem doesnt apper in the PhoneManager tab.

Could somebody help me please ?
(my SIM card doesnt need a PIN to connect)

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Hi Oscar

Thanks for your message. We're not supporting this version yet, since it's still in Beta. You might be better off completing the "Download" form via the link at the top of the screen and installing the current stable build. Saying that, the modem should still be detected. Have you looked through the Forums here for a solution (of course, these only relate to the current released build)?

Thank you Kiwanja, I'll let you know if the problem is solved
Thankyou Kiwanja, is detected now :D

But there's still a problem :( I installed the forms app in a Sony Ericsson K750, I created and sent a new form thru FLSM and I got a SMS with a notice about new forms, so I went to «Get new forms» and FLSMS received the message but doesnt send the form :S

I can send SMSs to my contacts and notices about forms, but not forms, help please ?

Thank you!
Oh I see there are other people having the same problem with forms not being sent to the phone, so maybe its not related to my Huawei modem ¿?

Frontline Forms Pending..Any Advice?

Forms trouble: Mobile request SMS is treated as text SMS (AI+gCUAAA...

Not able to send the Forms to the client mobile
Hi Oscar

Have you worked through the "Help" files for Forms (see the "Help" menu in FrontlineSMS)? There's also a video in the "Video" section showing how it works. We're going to need a bit more information on what you're seeing (or not seeing), and what you're doing, if we're going to be able to help.

Yes I've read the help files and saw that video before posting, and as you can see my last message (below) more people are having the same problem.

Thank you for your time
Hi Kiwanja, just to let you know that Windows Version worked really well :)
Thanks, Oscar! We're planning a new round of testing starting next week so will investigate the Mac issue.

Best of luck and keep in touch!

Ken (kiwanja)

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