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I'm having trouble importing groups in 1.6.12.  I checked out the help file on (C:\Program Files\\FrontlineSMS_1.6.12\help\filemenu.htm) and see Groups listed in the CSV formatting.  Indeed if you export the contacts the groups show up.  If you delete a contact then import that same file it doesn't tag the new contact with a group.  

I'm running the windows version of 1.6.12 on an XP laptop (with a ST860 EDGE MODEM on the Leo network).

This is an screenshot of the groups I've got going.  I've also attached a anonomyized/randomized version of the file I'm importing.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hello Richard,

contacts going in their groups isn't fully implemented yet. We'll work on this feature and will release it soon :)

We are having the exact same problem. Also, we are not able to get the status to import. We have tried both upper and lower case "active" but all contacts are imported as dormant. Right now we are only importing 8 to 20 contacts at a time, but soon we will need to import over 1000, so going back and changing the status one at a time will be a bit tedious. Same with the groups. If we are doing something wrong with the status, let us know. Also, thanks for working on the groups. We look forward to having that function up and running!

what do you mean you have "tried both upper and lower case"? Have you directly edited the CSV file?

Can you send me this file at

Morgan \o/
Hi Morgan,

I mean we tried putting "active" in the cell and "Active" in the cell in the column that corresponds to the status. File is attached.


but how come you modified it by hand? What was written when you exported it?
We did not export the file. We are importing from a stata file containing data from a baseline survey for a research study we are conducting. The CSV file I attached was built from a dta file in stata and then outsheeted as a CSV file so that we could import the contact information into Frontline. We want to know how to code the status by hand in the CSV so that when we import the status can also be imported.
Hi Cree,

Sorry you're having problems with this. The issue here is the content of your status column. If you would like to import your contacts as active, you'll need this column to read "true" rather than "active". The case does not matter.
Are you saying that contacts do not retain their group information when imported, or something less general than that? I am trying to upgrade from 1.4.x to 1.6 and have over 100 contacts & 35 groups, and it won't be trivial to manually re-assign each contact to the right groups. I tried importing and no group information was assigned. I tried adding one or two of the groups to the group list first, and even contacts with those group memberships did not have them marked on import.
FrontlineSMS version 1.4.8, at least, used "Active" and "Dormant" for the export file, so it would be wonderful if the import routines in current and future versions would accept these when importing contacts.
Yes, when I import the attached CSV above into a clean install of 1.6.12 all the contacts arrive (I haven't had any issues with active vs dormant), but none of them are associated to groups. It's a big problem and a pain.

I don't see this listed as an active ticket, but I want to confirm others are having this issue before I put i in.

Hi Rich

Right now the import doesn't drop Contacts into Groups. I agree it's a pain and we have it on the features list and hope to implement very soon. The developers have done a lot of back-end work over the past couple of months and will be able to release every couple of weeks now, speeding up the whole process. This won't help you for now, but please bear with us as we try to keep up with feature requests, bug fixes, future development and support!


Thanks Ken, I appreciate you keeping up with everything. That was my impression based on Morgan's response, but am still curious if I should submit this as a bug fix or feature request, or if it's already being worked on as Morgan implies and I shouldn't do so. I don't want to create a duplicate, but I'm not familiar enough with the forum and trac history to know what's going on with this.

I've got a bunch of other UI recommendations some of which I see and some of which I don't in trac as well as a few notes that might be worth considering. Specifically I've got some thoughts concerning very bad cell provider conditions that cause errors & delays (errors of sending failures due to something on the providers end that requires multiple retries before the system accepts it, receiving delays of many minutes generally and a few days occasionally--and no I'm not kidding) which make data sorting as well as troubleshooting very tough. I've also got some issue in auto-forwarding message that may or may not involve diacritics but that I can't pin down, and questions about how exec http submission would work in a region where the latency via VSat causes ridiculous issues with DNS resolution for some reason (i.e. how does FrontlineSMS deal with http submission failure due to failed DNS resolution?). Do you prefer that these items be posted to the forums for discussion or posted as items in trac?


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