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Incoming texts don't make it to FSMS (Sierra Wireless “SMS Express” collects them?!)


I’m using FSMS for sending SMS text messages via a Sierra Wireless Compass 885 USB Modem thanks guys !!


However, all incoming text messages are not making it to FSMS but are being captured by the “SMS Express” light texting application for sending/receiving messages that comes with the Sierra Wireless AirCard Watcher (R10.11.0.0 Build 2849).


My question is how can I stop the sierra Wireless modem and their “SMS Express” package from collecting the incoming message so that FronlineSMS can receive them instead?


Is this a known problem?


Thanks for any pointers :-)



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Hi Justin


It's a known "issue" that if you have any other software running which intercepts or blocks FrontlineSMS from accessing the modem that this can happen. The way to stop it is to either close the "SMS Express" program completely and/or go into its settings and turn receiving off. It should at least be easy to close the program down (just make sure nothing remains running in the background).


It may take a little playing around to get this to work, but it's an external-to-FrontlineSMS issue so hopefully you'll be able to solve it.


Good luck!



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