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Hi there,

I have FrontlineSMS working well on Ubuntu Linux - and now I need to install it on a new machine, and would like to install the latest version.

Amanda Atwoods excellent instructions on how to do this begin "To get FrontlineSMS to work -  Follow the install instructions in the text file it comes with"

This is a very sensible suggestion - but the zip file I downloaded today ( does not contain a README or INSTALL file, or any .txt files

Am I missing something? Where are the install instructions?

all the best,


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Hi Mark,

Fairly sure you should just need to unzip the archive and run the shell script provided (  Let us know if that doesn't work.

Hello all,

before, I can use FLSMS with windows XP without any problems. recently, I moved to linux and still new to it.

I am trying to follow Amanda's guide to install FLSMS into my ubuntu 12.10. I am using java version 6, and a huawei modem.

Everything is done exactly as written in Amanda's guide, except the copying of to my java folder. the reason is because i cannot copy the file, the folder reject it saying that i cannot copy the file.

I can open FLSMS ubuntu version, but it cannot recognize my modem, although the modem is already in /dev/ttyS0. when i use 'Vmobile broadband', for Huawei, it can recognize the modem and i can function properly.

Is there anything else i should do?

is copying crucial? how can i copy to my java folder?

thanks in advance.

Hello Andre,

First of all, could you kindly confirm whether your user is a member of the dialout group in linux. If not, kindly add your user to that group and restart the computer. This should give your user permissions to interact with the modem on FrontlineSMS.



Eureka !

thank you geoffrey. Finally, FLSMS recognizes my modem. So, i do not have to copy after all.

i only write in terminal:

sudo adduser andre dialout

I think these small things should be written in an instalation 'help' or 'guide' document. so people who are still new to linux will be able to do it easily.

Thanks again mate.

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