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Are there up-to-date instructions somewhere on how to install FrontlineSMS under Linux? I downloaded but could not find any readme or help files about installation. I tried running but got an error "Cannot load AWT toolkit." Thanks.

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Hi Mike,


Sounds like you're using OpenJDK as your Java implementation.  I think since Ubuntu 10.10 this is the default JVM used, and it doesn't have support for certain standard libraries which are required for graphical user interfaces.  A simple solution would be to install the Sun JRE using


sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre


Hope that helps,



Thanks, Alexander. I must have already installed that, though, since when I typed "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre" I got the reply that the latest version was already installed. Perhaps the OpenJDK is still installed and that's what FrontlineSMS is seeing? How does one manage multiple versions of JRE?
Also, I would not mind running FrontlineSMS in a separate Linux installation, so if there is a distribution that is ideal for FrontlineSMS, that would be helpful to know.

Hi Mike,


Try - "Choosing the default Java to use".  You can also check which one you are currently using with the command:

java -version

Hi Mike,


Did you manage to get things working yet?



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