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Hi all,

I have been having issues with a Huawei modem that is no longer recognised by Frontline (was previously working fine). I think this may be down to settings on a mac rather than Frontline though.

However, as I need to use Frontline this coming Friday I have set up an Intellisms account to run through the university internet connection as a last resort. The set up was easy and quick but Intellisms only appears in the non-working devices area, with it's status as 'failed to connect'. I am not tech savvy but would really appreciate any ideas that anyone has on this!



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Hi Gina,

Please attach the logs to this post. From there we (frontlinesms) can tell what the problem is.

You can get the logs from the settings page.

Thank you,


Hi, thank you so much for responding, I managed to get the original system (modem + computer) working on a windows os rather than a mac in the end.

However, I now have the problem of not being able to retrieve the forms from frontline. I am using a Sony Ericsson w980, frontline forms is successfully working as an application but when I ask to 'get new forms' I get the message:

'an unknown error occurred while handling this request: -32776:0



I have followed the previous thread where other users have had the same problem and have ensured the permissions are correct, as well as checking that I am using an international dialing code, but without any luck.

Any additional help much appreciated!



Ok, I have in the last half hour managed to get this to work! Hurrah!

I ended up downloading the specific frontline forms for the sony ericsson w980 rather than the generic one online and this seems to have resolved the error.

Regardless, the forum has been extremely helpful for tracking down information!



Hurray! Thanks Gina. Good to know it's been helpful!


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