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I could neither download the regular nor generic version of FrontlineForms using a Samsung Galaxy Ace.  Does anyone also have this problem?  Please let me know.  Thanks.



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Hi Du,


Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear you are having problems with FrontlineForms.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace is not actually on our list of compatible devices that work with FrontlineForms: so that could be causing the problem. It can also help to check permissions on your phone, too


All the Best,


Thanks, Florence.  I've checked and the phone does allow download of all applications.  This is the phone that I need to get Forms to work so I will browse the threads and see if anyone has gotten an Android phone like Samsung Galaxy Ace to work with Forms.  If you have any information on that, please let me know.  Thank you very much.  Have a good day.




Hi Du,


I checked back with our lead developer Alex, and he has told me that you unfortunately cannot get FrontlineForms to work on any Android device. So it may be worth looking in to getting another phone from the list on our website to test with Forms, if this is at all possible for you.


Sorry can't be of more help on this



Thanks, Florence, for checking with Alex for me.  Nevertheless, I still think that the links to download FrontlineForms are not working.  I tried downloading with a Nokia and with my computer but they always tell me "page not found".

Hi Du,


You are right - thank you very much for highlighting this issue for us. We are in the process of looking in to it now, and I will keep you posted.


Thanks for your patience!


All the Best,


any luck restoring link?



Hi Philip,


We did fix this issue in the end, and so you should now find a working link to Forms here:


Please do let us know if you continue to have any problems, or if we can be of any further help.


All the Best,


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