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Hi all,


We are starting with FrontlineSMS and we are trying to use a NOKIA 5130 phone. Based on previous discussions here, seems that this phone was not supported in the past.

Is this phone now supported with the current Frontline SMS version ( running on Windows.


Seems that the phone is recognized but we are getting errors when the application is trying to connect.


Thanks in advance


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Hi Javier

Our advice hasn't changed - the issue is with the complexity of the phone's operating system rather than with the version of FrontlineSMS you're running. If you're unable to get it working, trying with a lower-range phone or using a GSM modem (which we now recommend) may help.

There are no reports of a Nokia 5130 working on our device database.

Let us know how you get on?

Many thanks


Hi Laura, thanks for your response. Now, we are using a GSM modem and
sending messages without problems.

Bye for now


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