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Is there a way to get Asterisk and FLSMS to share a modem?

I am testing with a Huawei E177, Asterisk, asterisk_chan_dongle-1.1.0 and FLSMS 1.0 on an Ubuntu x86_64, 12.04 LTS machine. 

The interesting observation is that while Asterisk sees the stick as /dev/ttyUSB2, FLSMS connects to it as /dev/ttyUSB0. 

They seem to try to share the stick, but every minute or so, asterisk reports an error on the dongle and shows it as disconnected, while FLSMS holds it pretty steady. 

I suppose this is too much to ask for, but thought I would put it out there, just in case someone else has tried. 



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Hi Arjun,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sharing this with the community. I am not sure what the issue would be here, but I can pass onto our developer team and they can let you know if they have any suggestions as to why this might be happening.

If you have any further updates to add on this please do let us know, too.



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