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Hey again,


Still testing out FLSMS before we give it to our radio partners. Could do with a few clarifications on the viewing by groups function in the message history screen:


1.) When I create a new group, even though it has no contacts assigned to it, its message history includes all the messages I have so far received via FLSMS. I would have expected that it should be empty until contacts are assigned, whether by keyword or manually? Am I misunderstanding the function? See attached screenshot where I have highlighted the subgroup "NGO". As you can see, it shows a full message history, despite the fact that the group has only just been created and there are currently no contacts assigned to that group.


2.) I also notice that when I click on any subgroup (apart from the umbrella group "contacts"), the sorting functions (by date, status, sender, recepient etc) are disabled. Although the indicator arrows change direction, the actual message view remains static. Likewise, when I click to view "page 2", nothing actually changes. The umbrella group - "contacts" - is the only group where this functionality is operating as expected.


Any advice appreciated.





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Thanks so much for reporting this. I would say that you've identified a bug - for which thanks so much! I will check with our developer team whether this is something we've got a fix for which could be released swiftly - our lead developer is out until Wednesday, though.


I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Best wishes



Thanks for the swift response Laura. Will look forward to the update :)


Hi again Laura,

Any updates on this?

We're hoping to start piloting the software with partners very soon so would be great to know the solution before we start training.

Thanks again,




Sorry for the slow reply to this, I know Alex has got back to you. Let us know how you get on with the patch? All feedback very helpful!


And thanks for spotting the bug, we rely on our users to help us improve the software. Very helpful, thank you!



Thanks Laura. Will definitely test out the patch and let you know if any further issues.

Really appreciate the responsiveness! K

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