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I'm facing an issue with frontline sms (v1). I have my gsm modem connected and we are able to send sms to frontline but they are not being transfered to the HTTP link. When I use https there is no automatic response at all and when I use http there is a sent msg but it does not reach the phones or the http link. 

Anyone have any tips about that?

Thank you 

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Hello Gayelle,

Thanks for getting in touch.  Unfortunately we don't actively support v1 here any longer, I am sure that maybe someone in the forum might be able to help.  However we do support this process in v2 in the cloud using an Android phone as the gateway.  We find this to be much more reliable. A couple of links to how this works below:

Hope helpful,


hi team am also facing the same problem comnnecting the new  modem and this is the message am getting

Failed to connect with Auto-configured TCT Mobile Limited. X602D on port COM20": [edit

kindly advice

Hello, it looks like this is a problem with the modem SMS connection, rather than a HTTP API connection.  Connecting modems sustainably can be very problematic and the delivery of SMS can be very slow.  We appreciate that replacing your hardware is not ideal, but using any cheap Android phone will make for a much better SMS modem gateway than any modem.  We recommend you try this out with FrontlineSync, our free gateway app that's compatible both with FrontlineCloud and the Desktop version, and see for yourself:


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