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Hi all, 

Thanks for a great tool!!! We've been promoting it in Tanzania and hope to see it take off in a a big way. 

I was just wondering if the keywords function in the new release will allow the keyword to be recognised anywhere in the message rather than just at the start? 

We're running a large pilot project in Tanzania to monitor rural water supply. We're looking at printing the promo materials to tell people what format we need the data in.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to have our keywords as the first word in the message but if it'll be the same, ie, 'starts with' rather than 'contains' in the new release as well we can work around it and ask for the keyword first. 

Many thanks and keep up the good work, 


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Hi David

Thanks for the message - we're really pleased you're finding the tool so useful! In terms of the change you suggest, we can add this to the list but right now the keyword is only recognised at the start of a message. One of the challenges has been that someone may inadvertently trigger a keyword action by mistake if the keyword can be anywhere in the message. I'll get your request/comment added to the list, and we'll see what the Developers come up with when they get some free time.

Thanks again, and keep us posted on your progress. \o/

Thanks for the quick reply. That's good to know. We'll work on the basis that the keyword has to come at the start of the message for now.

Cheers, D

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