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Keyword problem when phone is already connected in the pc

Hi everyone,
I'm having a problem on keywords. Keyword are not being triggered even if my SMS has the keyword.
Example, my keyword is MISSING
My Message: MISSING bart simpson details male,american,single, yellow is the skin color
I'm also using the HTTP request. It will call my php script.

The keyword won't be triggered.

I tried using the FLSMS Message GUI, it will work fine( I used the Test Number:000) but when the message is from a mobile phone, the keyword won't be triggered.

BTW: OS: Windows 7
FLSMS Version: Latest Version


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That sounds really weird!
If the keyword is triggered with a test message, there is no reason it shouldn't be with a message sent from a mobile phone.
Have you checked the keyword is not prefixed with one or more spaces, and is followed by AT LEAST one space?
Now i got where the problem is. I just copy and paste the HTTP Request command from my previous HTTP Request Command. I should not do that because FLSMS won't be able to trigger if the messages are from a mobile phone. I should manually type all over again the configuration that I want.

Is this a bug of FLSMS or what?

Hi Elson,

Not sure I understand what you mean! Can you provide some more description, or perhaps a screenshot?


Hi Alexander!

I had a previous installation of my FLSMS. My previous FLSMS had many keywords that has an Action External Command-HTTP Request. What I did before reinstalling FLSMS. I put all the HTTP Request Command Execution configurations such as the url in the notepad inorder for me not to forget.

Now, I installed a new copy of FLSMS.
I added the keywords which I had on my previous FLSMS configuration. I also added the Action, External Command-HTTP Request.
Everytime I added the Command Execution Details, I just copy(Right Click->Copy) in my notepad and Paste(CTRL+V) it in the Command Execution Details.

Now, what I'm trying to explain here is that I should not copy(Right Click -> Copy) the Command Execution Details in my notepad, because when I do that, messages that will trigger my keywords won't be triggered. I should manually type it in the Command Execution Details in order for my keywords to be triggered when a message is from a mobile phone NOT from a Test Number.

I'm really having a hard time in explaining.
Thanks anyway :)

Glad it's now working well!


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