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I have set up several keywords in Frontlinesms, but whenever I or anyone else tries to respond using a keyword they do not get a response. Is there something specific I should be doing to be sure keywords are working? Thanks!!

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Hi again, Raina


Sorry to hear you're having problems. Have you worked through the "Help" files before setting these up? The page on "Keywords" is here:


Is the "Send this message as an auto-reply" box ticked? If you leave the dates blank, in case you haven't, that might also help. Do you see the messages coming into FrontlineSMS on the "Home" screen? Can you see FrontlineSMS trying to send the autoreply out on the same screen? Can you send a regular text message to one of the phones you're testing with? You'll need to do a little trial and error here to try and isolate the problem.


Let us know how you get on with this. Keywords are usually pretty straightforward so it's likely something simple.




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