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Hi - maybe this is totally unrelated. I purchased an Orange Kenya CDMA modem to use for internet last night, installed it and it worked fine. I didn't realize it was CDMA (which I know doesn't work on FLSMS) and I thought I'd test it using FLSMS. It didn't connect and I saw that it was CDMA. So that is fine, but now the modem says that the UIM is locked. Is it possible that connecting it to FLSMS caused the UIM to lock up? I've uninstalled and reinstalled it twice and it still says it's locked. The only software on the modem is the .exe file and an autorun file and an icon (I've disabled autorun on my computer to prevent autorun viruses) so I can't figure out how to either put in the PIN or unlock the UIM. 

Again, not sure if this has anything to do with FLSMS but it locked up after I tried autodetecting it on FLSMS.  Any thoughts on how to unlock my UIM?  Seems Orange Kenya is all on vacation and their customer care line is out of order....great.

thanks for any ideas,

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Hi Linda

I'd be very surprised if FrontlineSMS has done anything to the modem. All it does is query any device it finds attached, and shouldn't write to it. Saying that, we've not been able to do any tests with CDMA devices here, for obvious reasons.

Was their a PIN set on the modem? It's possible the modem was asking for a PIN during the querying and has locked after asking three times. That's just a guess. Have you Googled "Locked UIM" to see what it comes up with? Do you have another SIM you could try (although I think UIM relates to the actual device).

Hope you manage to get this working. Let us know either way.

Thanks, Linda.
Oh that makes total total sense. I was probably the 3rd try on logging in and it has now shut me out. There is a pin on the UIM but I thought I had keyed it in at the right time. Maybe I was supposed to key it in again at one point and failed. I have googled locked UIM but it seems the only thing to do is get in touch with Orange here in Kenya, and their customer service is leaving quite a lot to desire. Out of office replies and no response to the web form, and the phone number is out of order. gah.... thanks for responding. I am pretty sure you are right about the 3 times logging in. BTW say you on a nice Tactical Tech video today talking about FLSMS. Nice. :-)
Thanks, Linda

The Tactical Tech stuff is great, I think.

Good luck with Orange - let us know if it does turn out to be a password/PIN issue. In the meantime, I hope it doesn't ruin your Sunday (and best of luck with the event next week!).

Hi Linda,

Can you let us know what make and model the modem is? It's always good to have this information, even for devices that don't work.

Hope you've managed to get your modem working again!

Hi Alex, it's an Orange SIM card, ZTE modem. It runs on CDMA (internet only SIM) which is not a normal SIM, and CDMA modems don't work with FLSMS.
Thanks Linda; any idea what the model number is? I know FrontlineSMS support for CDMA devices is very poor, but there's technically no reason why they shouldn't work. There are practical issues though - we don't have any CDMA modems or even networks in UK; hopefully someone will be able to help with this one day.
yes, sorry I didn't list that. it's a ZTE AC2726.

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