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I'm stuck, i've tried many things, but I can't make FrontlineSms find the usb modem.
The device that I'm using is a Huawei E160X
The software that comes with the stick works fine. I can make a connection in that app, and I can see text-messages.

But in FrontlineSms I get nothing, no working devices, no non-working devices (there use to be some there, some bluetooth things, but suddenly they were gone...)

When I choose manually connect, there is a Huawei handler available, but I don't know what the other fields need.

Anybody knows where to start?

MacBook Pro, mac os x 10.6.4

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Hello Simon,

can you send us your error report via the "Help" menu?

I'm having a very similar problem. Macbook with Huawei modem-stick. No luck connecting... Do I need to "unlock" the modem? Do I need to download a driver? Help...
Hi Stephen

You need to install the driver and software which came with the modem before FrontlineSMS will be able to recognise it. Install and test it outside of FrontlineSMS first, and once it's working try again.

Let us know how it goes.

Hello Ken: Yep... just re-installed the Zain software and it's still not connecting/recognizing the stick. Darn, this is frustrating especially after I installed FLSMS on a PC and stuck the same modem into the USB and zip-zap, I was up and running. Why not my Mac??? Sob!
Hi Stephen

Is the modem showing at all in the "Phones" tab? And have you gone through the "Troubleshooting" section in the Help files? If you haven't fully quit the Zain software it might be blocking the port.

Mac's can be tricky - PC's do seem to just work with this stuff. If this doesn't help we'll wait for Alex or Morgan, our developers, to chime in.


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