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Hi all, I'm interested in using FrontlineSMS to send monthly account statements to clients of a community loans program. Is it possible to do a type of mail merge from say a spreadsheet, where FrontlineSMS would then retrieve the phone number, client name, balance owing and amount paid, and then send an SMS to each client.

Something like a form letter like this

Hi [Name]

Well done, you have now paid off [Amount Paid] and only have [Amount Owing] remaining on your loan.

Keeping in contact with our clients is vital to keeping them paying. If they stop there is nothing we can do. Regular reminders of how far they have come with their payments also promotes pride and a sense of accomplishment, which for many of our clients is very important.



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Hi Brendan,

Sorry for the delay in response here.  If you message us at we are much more responsive!

The answer is YES! All these things can be done.  We can help to set up timely automated reminders to Groups sending out contact-specific details to each contact.

This article is an introduction to the basics:

And we can do more by configuring bespoke Activity Templates for you on our cloud service:



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