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Manually Installing Frontline Forms on Mobile Phones Without Internet


I'm new to Frontline and trying to use the Forms feature with my field staff. They currently do not have internet enabled phones. Can someone please provide me with detailed instructions on how to upload the files onto their mobile phones? 

One member of my team has a Nokia 5228. I tried to download the app by going to the browser, but it just downloaded as a zip file and from there, I'm not sure what to do with it. I tried unzipping it, but nothing happened. 

I'm planning to buy my staff Samsung phones on an android operating system. Will I be able to use Forms with the new phones? 



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Hi Mallory,

Welcome to the FrontlineSMS community.

Frontlineforms do not work on the android platform so unfortunately you will not be able to use the forms with the new Samsung phones.

Please have a look at this link to find the requirements, installation details and list of supported phones

This will also be of great help



Thanks, Joy. Do you anticipate that forms will work on android at some point in the future?


Later in 2012, we plan to build Forms functionality into FrontlineSMS Version 2 and we'll look into adding this functionality to support more mobile devices.



Joy could you please inform us about the status of the above? Is there any estimation on when Forms will work on android?

Thank you in advance!

I am really new to this community so this could be a really stupid response but have you seen Open Data Kit?

Of course, but ODK is not SMS based.

Hi Sila,

Thank you very much for your reply!

What about the Forms client? How difficult is it to port the client part to android? Do you have any idea if a jad/jar to android converter can do the trick? Does it worth even trying such an approach?

Hi Nikos

Just to add to what Sila said, Forms is actually proprietary, so we can't make changes to its code I'm afraid. The Android app Sila refers to actually runs FrontlineSMS in its entirety on an Android phone, sort of a handheld SMS client if you like. We don't currently have plans to port Forms to Android, but we are looking at integrating other phone-based clients and systems with FrontlineSMS early next year. Watch this space!!


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