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Charge your phone anywhere, anytime!

World's First truly sustainable hand crank mobile charger.

Helps you tap power from your own self by the means of either cranking (wind-up mode) or rolling (roll-on mode) the device anytime you need to top up charge on your phone to survive it the next hour or make that last call.

1. Ability to charge the cell phone anywhere and anytime.
2. Charge by simply rotating a handle on the charger.
3. 1 min of rotating the handle gives about 3 min of talk time and about 30 min of stand-by time.
4. Charge even while talking by the single hand Roll-on mode.
5. Environment friendly energy solution.
6. Safe to use for the cell phone batteries. In fact, the lower charging currents can lead to a better battery life.
7. Multi-brand charger with small adaptor tips in convenient plug-in pad for storage.

Standard package includes:

Net Quantity: 1 charger, 3 pin adapters.

Pin Adapters compatible with : Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones, Nokia N series, Motorola V3i and other similar compatible phones.

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Thanks for the post Richard. This is really interesting.

Who is making these and do you know if they are available outside of Cambodia?
Sure they are available out of Cambodia. Please let me know your e-mail id and I will send you the detail. Thanks.
This is awesome. I'm an expat in Cambodia, and something like this would be great for the project I'm working on. Do you know where to find one in Phnom Penh?
You can get it from me:)

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