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I did a simulation with a class last week - a "prisoner" exercise" and set up 5 groups. The class had to send messages to the Frontline SMS "switchboard" to communicate with each other. This meant that 20 messages were going out at a time in and out of Frontline. But, it got very slowed down- and I had to quit and restart it everytime I wanted to receive messages. Is this a problem with my AT&T Sim card? It is an individual plan with unlimited texting capability. It would definitely not have worked for a real crisis in terms of timing. (It took up to 10 minutes for messages to go out).

Would love input!

USing: Toshiba with Windows 7, Huawai E173, AT&T Sim card.

Thank you!

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Hi Willow,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. I haven't heard of AT&T SIM cards slowing down the FrontlineSMS system before. I will check in with our developer team about this and see if they have any ideas as to what the problem would have been. Will get back to you to let you know if we have any further suggestions as soon as possible.



Hi Willow,

I've spoken with our lead developer, Alex, about this and he's said it would be helpful for him to take a look at your logs in order to try and identify the problem here, so would you mind sending your logs to us? (You can do this by clicking on 'Help' then 'Submit error report' in FrontlineSMS).



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