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I have a GSM to Skype gateway(Mobigater_Pro, which I have successfully configured to work with Frontlinesms on windows XP. However I am failing to get the same device to work on Ubuntu 10.04 server.The device works on Ubuntu because I use it with another program called freedomfone which runs on a Freeswitch plartform.I downloaded Frontlinesms X86_64. I would appreciate any assistance

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Hi, are you seeing any particular errors in FrontlineSMS?  Is the modem working with Linux *on this computer* with FreedomFone?
Thanks for the prompt response. When I try to manually connect the device by specifying the  device path /dev/ttyACM0 the error that appears instantly is  "there is no device on the port".Its as if Frontlinesms does not even scan on the port specified. I am using the device on the same machine running Freedomfone on Linux.

Hi Tichafara,


Take a look on this post:

The relevant bit starts:


Get to the folder /dev/ and use # ls to view the files in that folder. Having plugged the modem into your computer, you should see something like ttyACM0 as a port. This is great, it means the computer is seeing your modem. If you're using the Falcom GSM Samba 75 modem, this will happen automatically - you don't have to load the drivers or anything.

FrontlineSMS will be looking for it on ports /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1

But your modem may be on port ports /dev/ttyACM0, for example.

So create a symbolic link to make the one look like the other:

# sudo ln -sf /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS0

Thanks a million. I created the symbolic link and manually connected and it worked.
Fantastic :¬)

Hi Tichafara, Thanks for this message. As we would like to have an affordable device which works with both FrontlineSMS and FreedomFone, your message is of interest. I notice MobiGater has drivers for all 32bit Windows OS. How difficult was the initial Windows configuration of FrontlineSMS? Doable for the non-techie? Thanks!



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