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Hi, I have tryed to make this phone work, I managed to get some drivers but it does not show in windows XP, I had success before with a Motorola V3, tought was the same drivers ¿? Anyone with experience with this.

Another issue is I can put the W375 in a Mac, feels it is more stable, but havent found any feedback in the forum of people using FLSMS in a Mac, how are drivers handled there or "I just works" as the Apple ads says ?


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Hi Norman

If the device isn't recognised by Windows XP then FrontlineSMS will not be able to see it. Have you been through the troubleshooting section in the "Help" files? Have you run and installed the "phone manager" software for the phone you're using (sometimes you need to do this for all the drivers to fully install and load)?

As for the Mac, it may *just work* but you may also need some drivers for the Mac to recognise it. Might just be worth a try? We do have Mac users but the choice of devices is much more limited.

Thanks Ken, will have a update for you by the weekend will try on the Mac and will try using another XP Pc,


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