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Hello everyone.

I currently have a Huawei e1750 GSM modem working great with FLSMS.

I'm trying to reduce my SMS queue times as I get lots of SMS requests per minute via HTTP Trigger.

I'm just wondering if it's possible to purchase and connect another Huawei e1750 GSM modem into the same computer to reduce my SMS queue times.

How would this work, would each modem have a unique COM port?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Johnathon

Good to hear from you.

In short, you can plug as many GSM modems into FrontlineSMS as you like. They'll all be allocated a unique COM port (and show up in the "Phones" tab) and when you send group messages - assuming you've configured both devices "for sending" - FrontlineSMS will cycle between the two, doubling the number of messages you can send at-a-time. Of course, the modems will be carrying different SIM cards, so they'll show as different numbers to the receiver.

Good luck with this - let us know how you get on!

That's great news to hear, now I just need to save up to purchase another modem.

Thanks for the prompt response, I will keep you posted on any progress.
I managed to get my phone working with FLSMS so I can see how it works with multiple devices.

It appears that when sending texts via HTTP Trigger all texts sent out are with the last device I plugged in (Phone).

Is there a way to make it so when a text in the queue is ready to be sent out it sends by a random device rather than the last one plugged in?

Thanks for your help.
Hi Johnathon

FrontlineSMS should cycle through each attached device, so this sounds strange. If you right-click on the device in the "Phones" tab and check the settings, make sure they're all set to send (if available). If this still doesn't work we might need to get Alex to take a look.

Both of my devices are set to Send, it's always sending the messages using the phone rather than the GSM modem.. looks like you've got a bug.
rather than both the devices*
Okay, I'll get Alex, our super-duper Developer to get in touch. If you can go through the process again and once it fails send us your logs (through the "Help" menu) we'll take a look.


P.S. What happens if you don't use HTTP Trigger, and just send a regular group message? Does that work? If so, it's a Trigger issue.

It's still sending all messages with only one device. I'll send you my logs in a few minutes.
Thanks for the logs, Johnathon. Taking a look now, and hopefully we can work out what the problem is.
Quick Question, Johnathon:

Have you tried sending SMS without using HTTP Trigger, and if so, did you have the same problem?


Could you also try disconnecting the device which is currently sending the SMS, and try to use the HTTP trigger to send messages with the other device (which is currently being ignored).



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