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Hello everyone.

I currently have a Huawei e1750 GSM modem working great with FLSMS.

I'm trying to reduce my SMS queue times as I get lots of SMS requests per minute via HTTP Trigger.

I'm just wondering if it's possible to purchase and connect another Huawei e1750 GSM modem into the same computer to reduce my SMS queue times.

How would this work, would each modem have a unique COM port?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Alex.

Q. Have you tried sending SMS without using HTTP Trigger, and if so, did you have the same problem?

A. Yes I have, it still produces the same results.

Q. Could you also try disconnecting the device which is currently sending the SMS, and try to use the HTTP trigger to send messages with the other device (which is currently being ignored).

A. When I do this the SMS are sent with the other device.

Hi Johnathon,

It does indeed look like the message dispatch is overly simple. I expect that if you send a message to a *group* then you will find that both phone & modem are used, but for single messages it is always picking the first. We'll take a look at this and try to make it a bit cleverer for the next release.

Sorry about this, and thanks for spotting the problem!

Q. I expect that if you send a message to a *group* then you will find that both phone & modem are used.

A. No, it only sends the messages from one device.

No problem at all, always happy to help.

I look forward to the new version soon.

Thanks to you both.
Hello Johnathon,

I can't reproduce your problem. When I'm sending to a group and have two VALID devices plugged, I confirm that one out of two messages is sent from the first device, and same thing for the second one. Have you tried with groups composed of more than one contact?

Yes I did, they always got sent from the phone.

Not to worry however, I no longer use multiple devices as I don't have two valid sim cards anymore.

Sounds to me like it was just me who was having this issue.

Hello Jonathan,

You said that your Huawei E1750 modem works great. What kind of OS configuration do you have?  does is work properly with Windows XP?  Could you do this test for me?  I'm planning on buying the same modem.

Any help would be welcome. Thanks.

I was using the Huawei E1750 modem on Windows XP.

I had a few issues trying to find compatible drivers but in the end I was able to send and receive text messages fine.


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