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Hey guys
                 Im using frontline sms, now i want to connect to the
database of my website which has been hosted on internet, is that
possible?  I have tried this frontline sms -> Settings -> Data
Settings.   i chose MySql as my database so by default i got port
number 3306. i filled that form and tried to connect to database, but
im getting the error while connect. so please give me the clear idea
about the database name, server name, Database user name, database

please help as soon as possible..

Dilip Prasath K

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I don't know how to connect directly to the database in that manner, but I have been using HTTP Requests in the external command form to access our database that is located on another server. You can create and save scripts to the server that has the database and then whenever you need to access the database from Frontline you can send your site an HTTP Request using the script you made.

Not sure if that's clear, but here's the thread that helped me figure it out - maybe it will help you as well?
hey kaylyn
Ya im working now on that external commands, im clear with how to fetch data from the website database using external commands and keywords. i have written the scripts and hosted on my web server.
Now the problem is in getting the message from the user and insert to the website database through frontline sms. here i dunno how to set a keyword and external commands for it. can you help me out in this by giving a small example in script.
Imagine that the mobile user typing the product id, product name, product amount and sends the sms to the sms server (FL SMS). now the frontline sms should insert that particular datas in exisiting table called product in website database.
Can u help me through giving a sample script. it wil be very helpful if u send as soon as possible.
I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do with these three parameters (id, name, amount) so this script probably won’t do exactly what you want it to do, but hopefully it will make enough sense to see how everything works together. Assuming you have a database called “product_storing” that has a table called “products” which holds the fields “ProductId” “ProductName” and “ProductAmount” this is how you would get the three user inputs from FrontlineSMS and into your database.

This is the http request that you would put into the external command for whatever keyword you make. To do this, go to Keywords, add a new keyword, and then click on "click here to go to advanced view." Then right click, 'add action -> external command.' Of course the site has to be updated for whatever you are doing, but this should be the right idea.${message_content}

I've also attached a short script that takes the three parameter and stores them into a database. It does not check if each parameter is more than one word or if the product id/name is already in the table - it merely adds it. Also, it returns "Product storing success" which could be sent back to the user if you click "Include Response" inside the message portion of the external command. I didn't run the code though so I'm not positive it's working completely, but if you have a hard time with it let me know and I'll look through it.

And again, that link I posted above does a really great job explaining it in more detail (skip to page three). I hope this at least points you in the right direction!
hi kaylyn,
how the user must send the msg suppose the keyword is"info" for the above the user will type the msg confused a lot in this so please help me out.and when i run the above code which u gave,im getting a blank page only so if u can test it and send it ll be very usefull .

hi kaylyn,

thanks a lot

its working fine :)

we would be very happy if u help us like this in future ....



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