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Nokia 2330c's in Honduras (Unlocking, and adding Spanish Language???)

Dear FLSMS Community,

Hope this post finds everyone well. I am working with a global health non-profit team here in Honduras, where we are planning on using the FLSMS program to empower community health workers with mobile phones they can use to text and consult with health professionals.

We are currently working with a set of Nokia 2330c's but have run into the following issues:

1) The phones are locked (and will not work with the SIM cards from the local provider here)
2) There is no Spanish language setting on the phones.

Does anybody have any experience with similar issues or have any ideas on how we can trouble shoot this?

Many thanks for your kind attention, everyone!


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Hey Jon,

About to send you an email, as well. Sorry to hear about the hardware snags!

I've accidentally purchased locked phones, in the past. I'm not sure you'll have any luck communicating with the seller (although theoretically you could get unlock codes based on IMEI numbers). I'd recommend finding a tech shop in an urban area and negotiating a bulk rate for unlocking -- they'll be used to expats landing in-country with locked handsets.

I really don't know if there's a fix for the language settings -- your best bet would be to make the FrontlineForms client very accessible, and make sure the forms are in Spanish.

Let me know if you make progress!

Jon any updates on your project? Are you working with Global Brigades, Inc?
And have you had any luck with your SIM cards? ;)

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