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I work at a non-profit, and we are testing the FrontlineSMS system as an option to use in field reporting. I conducted an in-office test of the FrontlineSMS system where I had 10 people text in a predetermined number set for 10 days. There was one day where FrontlineSMS simply did not receive the messages. I was trying to figure out if there was a breakdown in the mobile service or with the Frontline software. So, I called the mobile service provider we are using and they confirmed that I did receive text messages that day- so the breakdown is most likely with the Frontline sofware. Has anybody experienced this problem before? Are there any remedies for this?

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Hi Nick,

There is discussion here

which may be of interest

Faisal - thank you very much for highlighting this discussion to Nick!

Nick - thanks for getting in touch about this, and sorry to hear you've had this problem. The link Faisal has provided shows a discussion with some suggestions based on other user's previous experiences of this issue. I hope this helps - please feel free to add your own comments / questions there.



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