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Just reporting in that the EG162 or EG162G modem works also. It's the standard modem given with Orange and MTN mobile internet keys (sticks, modems) in Cameroon. 

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Great news - thanks, Linda!

There are increasing numbers of these dongles being sold around the world, and it's encouraging that they work (as they should, but we can only confirm when people let us know). If you have the full manufacturer name and model we can add it to the list here. (They may be Huawei or ZTC, I'm guessing).

Huawei EG162 and Huawei EG162G
Perfect! Hugs from London...
Dear Linda
I'm in Bafoussam/Cameroon and I'm using the CAMTEL HUAWEI modem, unfortunately it doesn't work.
Have you been through the "Troubleshooting" section of the "Help" files in FrontlineSMS? There are many things which can stop a modem from working. You should also test it with the software which came with it, in case it's faulty.

If you still can't get it working please give us as much information as you can about what you're seeing and not seeing, and we'll try and help figure out what's happening.


Thanks so much for your message. I went through the steps of troubleshooting as indicated in the "help" file; the modem still appears in the "Non working devices" window. The info in the window is as follows: Port: COM 4 BAUD RATE: 921600 MOBILE NUMBER: N/A MAKE & MODEL: N/A STATUS : Disconnected, Failed to connect
Thanks for your help
Does it work with the software which came with the modem?

Is there a PIN code set for the modem? Or the SIM card? If so, both need to be removed.

Hey Ken -

Greetings! Was glad to meet and spend time with Laura in Berlin on Friday. She did a great job presenting FrontlineSMS to a tough crowd! :)

I have decided to try to get FrontlineSMS working on my machine to do some testing. I have a Huawei E160 GSM modem and am trying it first on my OSX mac, then can also try it on a Windoze XP. FrontlineSMS seems to detect the modem, but is unable to use it.

Here you mention that you have to remove PIN codes which may be the source of my problems - my SIM card does have a PIN code that it requests when you turn the phone on. How do I remove it?

If this does work then you may want to add this tip to the troubleshooting steps.


Hey, Tobias!

Welcome - nice to have you here. =)

You'll need to take the SIM out of the modem and put it into a regular phone, then use the phone menu (usually it's in "Security" or something similar) to turn off the PIN request. Depending on the phone you use, you might want to check for instructions online.

I think Alex, one of our devs, has added some new code in the next release to help detect and/or fix this problem.

You might also wanna check the "Troubleshooting" section in the "Help" files for other possible problems in case it's not the PIN. (Macs, by the way, can be tricky - might be worth trying a PC first).

Let us know how you get on! (And really pleased you got to meet Laura). \o/

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the tip!

Removing the password worked - I have \o/ now working on my Windows XP machine. It does not get recognized now on the OSX machine, though it did initially. Go figure.

Here are the instructions for turning off SIM passwords on android phones:

I'm glad Alex is working to fix this issue - it's actually important to have a password on the sim card for security reasons, and \o/ should just prompt for it like phones and other programs do.


Hi I am Georges working with PLan Cameroon as ICT. I reply on behalf of Linda.
There are about four differents devices used by CAMTEL as Modem.
For the MODEM to work, please just install the drivers. Do not start the internet connection software and try again FrontlineSMS.
We tested one of the device of CAMTEL and it didn't work, but we hope some of the others will.
For your information we tested the devices used by Orange and MTN and they work.
Hi Georges and Ken
Thanks so much for your help. I tried the CAMTEL HUAWEI Modem without the Sim card and it's still not working. I reinstalled the drivers, still no result. But there a good news, I tried the Orange Siemens SIEMENS MC 75 modem and I can see it in the working devices window. The next step for me is to learn how to use Frontline SMS now that I have a working device. I'll get back to you if needed.
Ken keep up the good work



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